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Ross Collecting

I have concluded that vis a vis many other rifles, Ross rifles are often an area of deep mystery, mythology with very few people having a strong grasp on their varied and complex idiosyncrasies. Everything from the press about bolt blow-outs, the fact that Sir Charles Made one M-10 rifle but there are about ten that he stamped, M-10, the lack of factory records for individual rifles to the fact that we have only one reference book (long out of print) that was a good start but convoluted (and in my experience not user friendly). As an example of a contrast, I also collect vintage Savage rifles (my main focus is the same era that Ross rifles were in production) and what a contrast! There are factory records for most rifles which is wonderful. But the biggest difference between the two is that a much larger number of people collect Savage rifles and there is a tremendous amount of collective knowledge. I am a member of the Savage Collector's forum on the and there are hundreds of members who actively contribute and share their knowledge from many years of Savage collecting and study. We certainly don't have these numbers with Ross rifles. I think a big part of the problem is we don't have enough rifles to work with. For example, to have a significant number of collectors available how have owned and studied Scotch Deerstalker rifles, or the single-shot .280 target rifles, there need to be rifles in circulation. Maybe we know of a half dozen single-shot .280 rifles out there; maybe 20 Scotch Deerstalkers? How many .35 WCF's known? Maybe a half dozen? Half stock commercial cadet rifles? I would be interested in other member's thoughts on the topic.
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